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Core Values

We conduct our business practices and interactions in keeping with our Ethics Policy, and strive to meet the following:

Relevance – We anticipate, evaluate and choose relevant opportunities that are pertinent to the growth and sustainability of our members, while championing an optimistic view of the future.

Diversity – We welcome diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences and work to discover and utilize the strengths that emanate from a diverse membership to benefit The Chamber and region.

Knowledge – We serve as a conduit for information and resources for our members, prospective businesses, and visitors to our region.

Leadership – We encourage our members to take leadership positions to promote sustainable economic growth, employment opportunity, responsible government, excellence in education and quality of life.

Service – We listen to our members, provide open, honest and respectful communication, and work as a team to deliver high-quality, cost effective programs, products and services that meet our members’ business needs.

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