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Ulster Leadership Development Institute (ULDI)

The future of our community depends upon well-informed, trained and involved leaders. Leadership Ulster is designed to create a better community by identifying, educating and motivating leaders.

This program established by the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce in 1992 has graduated 335 future leaders into our community.

As a participant in this program you will:

Discover your personal leadership strengths while learning new ones.

Develop an awareness of issues of concern in our county and region.

Meet, network and learn from leaders throughout our region.

Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to serve on a local Board or Foundation.

In addition to educating participants on the Ulster County Region and providing leadership skills training  the program provides insight into local and state government, healthcare, education, law and the court system, housing and community development, manufacturing, private sector business, the not-for-profit community, arts and culture and our religious community.

The ULDI class starts in September with an overnight retreat and meets every other Monday from 3:00 – 6:00 pm through June.

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ULDI Class of 2013-2014

ULDI Class of 2013-2014


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For more information or to register contact Ingrid Kulick  at (845) 338-5100 Ext 106
or Ingrid@ulsterchamber.org