A Great Place To Live

Unspoiled natural beauty, nestled in a valley that reaches out to five national and international airports. Empty country roads just a few highway exits away from bustling cities. Top-notch sporting facilities side-by-side with a thriving cultural scene. The stuff of history and legend, linked by high-speed, high-bandwidth communications infrastructure. It’s no wonder Ulster County has become so popular with so many people!

Our future is our children. Ulster County demonstrates its commitment to this principle by providing high-quality education from pre-K through college, as well as in alternative venues such as continuing education and vocational training, in public and private schools throughout the county. Ulster County school districts share a common belief that everyone has a right to a good education, beginning with basic skills, reinforcing values taught in the home, and involving parents and the community in the learning process.

Ulster County maintains an attractively low cost of doing business – less than any area to the south and significantly lower than New York City and the metropolitan areas of bordering states. This makes the county attractive to both new and start-up enterprises. Effective property tax rates are set at approximately 2% of full value, a savings of 10-25% over neighboring metropolitan areas. Local municipalities have been awarded designations as a State Economic Development Zone (EDZ), which creates numerous investment benefits for commercial ventures. The City of Kingston is also a federally designated Enterprise Community.

Whatever your interest or energy level, Ulster County has abundant attractions and activities. The county’s vibrant history comes alive in walking and driving tours in many of the villages and townships. Architecture, history, gardening, or just plain fun-and-games, there’s a walking tour to satisfy everyone’s curiosity. Some of the popular locations for walking and driving tours are Hurley, Woodstock, Phoenicia, Ellenville, New Paltz and Kingston.